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TCP300 Thermal Gap Pad

tp300 gap pad

TCP300 Series Thermally Conductive Gap Filler is a specially designed cushion sheet with high thermal conductivity and reliable restoration properties. This special pad prevents damages and chipping or shorts and fits on all Chips without a protective frame with an open Core. The special feature of this pad is that it additionally features great thermal conductivity unlike other protective pads.

Features and Benefits

material: Silicone elastomer
Thermal conductivity: 3.0 W/mK
Hardness (shore 00): 27 (at 3 second delay)
Density: 1.78 g/cc
Temperature range: -40ºC to 200ºC
Volume resistivity: 10 ^13 ohm-cm
Coefficient thermal expansion (CTE): 600 ppm/C
Product code: TCP300-01 (1.5 mm thickness)

Dual layer of silicone, one on each side of polyimide carrier
Excellent heat stability
Various thickness availability
Dust Free (No contamination)
High mechanical properties (high tear strength)
Naturally tacky requiring no additional adhesive coating
Excellent electrical insulation properties, Electrical non-conductivity prevents shorts

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