Thermal conductive insulator is a thermally conductive electrically insulating materials, are designed for a wide variety of applications which be required high performance of heat transfer and electrical isolation, to resist cut through in screw mounting applications, these products provide a more consistent breakdown voltage over other insulation constructions. High performance high reliability insulator is a conformable elastomer with very high thermal conductivity that acts as a thermal interface between electrical components and heat sinks.

Mosfet Thermal Conductive Insulator

RoHS&Reach compliance: yes, for the certificates, please contact our sales!

- Resistant to tears and punctures
Cost effective solutions with competitive price
- Standard Die-cut rolls: width: 300mm, length: 50m
- Custom Die-cut parts: custom configurations available
- High dielectric breakdown of >6,000 volts

- Electrical power generators
- Switching mode power supplier
- Singal amplifiers


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