High Quality Thermally Conductive Tape

TCT120 thermal conductive tapes

A wide variety of high performance thermal adhesive, transfer tapes, Are available in thickness from 0.05mm to 0.23mm and thermal conductivity up to 1.20 W/mk. As each new generation of electronics equipment exhibits higher performance and more and more power into ever smaller packages, it will dissipate power in the form of heat and requires some degree of thermal management.

Besides its high adhesive power, the adhesive pad provides a good thermal conductibility and electrical insulation capacity. With this pad an LED with PCB can be easily and quickly attached to an appropriate cooling element.

Double Sided LED Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape

1.Fiberglass carrier double coated with thermally conductive pressure sensitive adhesive.
2.Ideal for applications requiring strong adhesion and superior thermal conductive efficiency.
3.Suitable for electronic mechanical components assembly such as heat sink module and LED light bar module to provide a better heat transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sink or other cooling devices.

The TCT series has a high thermal conductivity of 1.20 W/mK with thickness 0.3mm and yet a low thermal resistance of 0.52K/W. It also has very good electrical insulation characteristics. No need for clips or screws due to excellent permanent adhesive strength.

The Thermal Tape Applications:

-Make the heat sink fixed to the encapsulated chip
-Make the radiator fixed to the power supply circuit board or the vehicle control circuit board
-Efficient thermal conductive acrylic adhesive tape
-Replace the fixed mode of hot melt adhesive, screw and buckle

Aochuan Technology offers many other thermal interface materials that may not be shown on our web site. Please go to Contact Form to receive a recommendation from our office on your specific application.

We understand the time & effort involved in producing your new project, and we have tailor made an economical top quality thermal management solution. When you're thinking about source thermal tape from China, you've come to the right place!

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