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In general, as a large run thermal interface materials company, in order to realize win-win, we would like to advise economical vehicles to save the costs for you. You can estimate your budget and the lead-time expected, and then decide how to ship. There are courier service, air freight service and ocean freight service for choice. The detail lead-time and approximate fees are listed below.

Shipping Methods: FedEx, UPS, DHL, Air freight, Ocean freight
We provide a variety of shipping method that suits your business needs through our network of worldwide logistic partners. According to your order and needs, our sales team will be glad to assist and quote for the most competitive shipping options.

  • How long and how much does it take to ship from China to the US?
  • Which shipping methods do you recommend?

How long and how much does it take to ship from China to the US?

Estimates of China freight shipping costs for express, air and ocean are shown below. These costs are to be used as estimates only and can vary depending on the season and oil prices.

Carrier Name Fees Delivery Time (Bussiness day)


3-5 days


2-4 days


3-6 days

How to tracking?
*Carrier-provided tracking information may not be available for up to 48 hours after a product is shipped from our warehouse.

Item Fees Delivery Time (Bussiness day)
Air Shipping
(From port of shipment to port of destination)
1-2 days
Delivery to your door
(From port of destination to your door)
1-2 days
  Total:4-9 days

-Which shipping method do you recommend?

Both timing and costs are the major drivers in answering this question.
Generally, we recommend that:

Weight Recommended shipping method
≤150kgs Express
150kgs – 200kgs
Air freight
≥200kgs Ocean freight


  • For large volume orders, if you need some of products in hurry. We advise you ship some via Express or Air freight, others via ocean freight
  • Once the order was shipped, a tracking number will be email to you.

For the delivery time, although there is slight difference between the cargos, we can still summary that 15-20 days are workable from ETD to ETA for worldwide ports. It takes around 15 days to ship to the seaport of Australia, American western and Canada western.

We prefer to FOB, CFR or CIF to worldwide ports, we can also go ahead with DDU or DDP to American, Canadian and Australian destination.

In one word, please let us know your budget and requests, so we can help you to design the best logistical solution, not only high quality products.

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