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Thermal interface materials Application Guide

Thermal interface materials can be used in a wide range of electronic products ranging from automotive electronics, telecom, consumer, lighting, military, medical, power supplies, wireless, personal computer, LED, LCD TV, motherboard, DRAM memory module, cooler, vehicle control module, notebook computer etc…wherever there is thermal management issues AOC's products can provide a cost-efficient and manufacturing-friendly solution.

LED application, thermal interface materials

Thermal pads do have their place in certain applications.

When the air gaps between heat-generating electronic device and heatsinks or metal housing or chassis is too large, the thermal pad can perfectly contact the heat sink. Keep this in mind when deciding on whether to use paste or a thermal pad and make the decision based on the individual application.

Advanced Thermal Solutions – web page with our heat transfer materials, advance test instruments, wind tunnels, design services, thermal management simulation, educational resources, providing a complete solution for all thermal management needs.

Engineering Consulting - Our technical resource to help the engineering community solve the most challenging thermal problems. It is the only monthly publication for the thermal management of electronics, distributed at no charge to over 18,000 engineers.

Our Company Webinars – Our Company offers a series of monthly educational webinars that explain different aspects of thermal management to design engineers and others who want to learn more about electronics cooling. Each free, one-hour technical tutorial is presented live with detailed visuals and narration provided by one or more thermal management experts.

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As the global leader in thermal interface material industry, with over ten years experiences. Our Company offers an extensive range of thermal management solutions. Our thermal management operations are managed by some of the best engineers and technicians in the industry, with the experience and expertise to provide vital support and a real understanding of customer requirements.

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