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TCP250 Thermal Gap Pad

tp250 gap pad

TP250 Series Thermally Conductive Gap Filler can through the different parameters can easily complete the thermal conductivity and bonding , sealing, filling gaps , shock absorption, sound-absorbing design purpose, while reducing assembly costs and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Dispensable Thermal Pads for Advanced Electronics

-High thermal conductivity
-High conformability and cost effective
-Naturally tacky needing no additional adhesive coating
-Electrically insulating

• Good thermal performance with reduced interfacial thermal resistance
• Noise/vibration dampening
• Shock absorbing
• Both sides compressible
• No interference or delamination
• Easy handling with no elongation
• Flame retardant


    •Between electronic components such as Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits, Central Processing Units, Metal Oxide
Semiconductors, Metal Core and FR4 Boards, Solid State Drives, and Heat Sinks.
   • LED Lighting, LED Drivers, Telecom Devices, Wireless Hubs, Power Supplies, High End Displays, etc.
   • Cooling & Thermal Modules and in all applications where a metal housing is used as a Heatsink.

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