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TCP150 Thermal Gap Pad

tp150 gap pad

No man-made surface is perfectly smooth, and the tiny gaps between a IC and a heatsink are usually large enough to have a negative impact on cooling. To combat this, thermal pad is used to fill in these air gaps. These thermal pads are perfectly suited to equalize height differences and uneven spots on coolers and cooled elements.

-Medium thermal conductivity
-High conformability and cost effective
-Naturally tacky
-Electrically insulating

Technical Details:
* Color: Dark Gray
* Continuous Temp: -40-200 degree
* Thermal Conductivity: 1.5w/m-K
* Breakdown Voltage: 5kv
* Hardness(Shore C): 25
* Tensile Strength: 0.5KN/m
* UL, RoHS, REACH: all pass

The very flexible structure and low hardness allow great adaptivity to the cooling surface even at low contact pressures. The thermal pad equalizes the effect of irregularities from microscopic scale to visible scratches etc.

high performance thermal pad tp150 sample

-Excellent thermal transfer efficiency due to high thermal conductivity and exceptional softness whilst also maintaining durability
-Thermal 'wet out' properties, removing micro air-voids at microscopic levels between interfaces
-Exceptional price to thermal performance results
-An ability to suit low performance through to demanding performance applications

We are manufacturer specialize in thermal gap pad interface materials, We also offer fast response and engineering support to large and small projects alike. Please contact us for prototypes on your next project.

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