The thermal interface materials that meet your budget and requirements is what we specialise in. Our technical service staff can help engineers determine the appropriate materials for their application and heat transfer requirements.

Customers Commonly Used Thermal Interface Materials

There are usually more than one way to achieve the tageted operational temperature for electronics devices. We are here to help you find the easiest and cheapest solution for your design. Our company provides a broad range of interface materials products used in advanced technology applications. We have provided key materials to many industry leading companies enabling them to produce their best products. It is likely that products you use daily contain our materials.

Our service covers:

  • Product identification, whether you are sourcing Thermal Pad, Thermal Grease, or Thermal Tapes.
  • Product design and modification
  • Reach, RoHS, UL / ISO9001/ISO14001, MSDS certification
  • Contracting in a legally meaningful way
  • Project management
  • Component inspection and verification
  • Final product sign-off
  • Logistics management


Engineering and Technical Support

Do you have technical questions regarding our products? We can assist you with engineering, product design and other technical details.